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Sand between my toes

As the warm weather begins to leave us Antipodeans for the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to share with you some shots I took recently for my friend’s new business, Haanim. The word ‘hanim’ literally means ‘lady’ in Turkish, which is … Continue reading

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New beginnings

I know, I know. It’s been a while. In blogging terms, it’s like I’ve taken some kind of undeserved long service leave. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d thrown in the towel and chucked it all in for pen and … Continue reading

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Out of Africa

The van crawled to a stop next to a huge aloe cactus and the motor shuddered to a halt. Even before the red dust had a chance to settle, we immediately started chatting excitedly. Most of us had traveled half … Continue reading

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The many faces of Buenos Aires

They say that Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America. If you raise your eyes and look up at the grandeur of the buildings above you, with their intricate stonework, wrought iron balconies and French doors, you could be … Continue reading

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Tits and cars

There, that got you didn’t it! Okay, while I can’t promise anything, I can say that Lake Titicaca offers ample opportunities to have fun. Nestled in the cleavage of the surrounding rolling hills, Copacabana is a quaint little lake side town offering not much … Continue reading

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Save the best till last

 Why is it that we always seem to leave packing for a trip to the very last possible millisecond? More often than not, your cab driver has arrived and has set up camp out on the street (meter ticking) while … Continue reading

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