Same same but different

I’ve been doing an experiment lately. I’ve been pretending that I’m a tourist in my own city. I know, it sounds strange – but it’s amazing how much more you notice when you think you’re doing things for the first time. Try it. Trick your brain into believing everything is a new experience. Take time to notice the little details. Take joy in the little details. Slow down. Stop. Look around. Hear and smell the sights. Smile at strangers (after all, you’re meant to be on holidays right?). Live in the moment. Enjoy.

I think too many of us think that we need to travel to far off places to feel alive and be inspired (alas, I have fallen into this category on more than one occasion). But that’s only because we forget to take notice and end up walking around with tunnel vision – only seeing what we want to see (or need to see to get from A to B). It’s like being in some weird visual and sensory censorship trance. Your sensitivity to newness and curiosity is replaced with habitual monotony.

So next time you find yourself in the daily grind on the way to work – Stop. Take a few moments to observe your surroundings. Look up at the sky above you. Look down at your feet on the pavement and take a different route. You might just find something interesting and unique. And there’s nothing more satisfying than a new discovery – however big or small. I dare you to unleash your inner tourist.

Here’s some photos from my latest exotic destination – out the front door, down the street, commute to work, weekend play time and more.

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15 Responses to Same same but different

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    Thanks for this reminder…even my daily walks get monotonous. Time to branch out down a new street! Beautiful photos. Great eyes.

  2. Synne says:

    I think I do this more or less everytime I leave my flat. I bring my camera with me, and we walk around, choosing streets where we’ve never been before, looking at details like graffitti.

    This might be easier for me to do as I’ve only recently moved here. Still, I think I’ll keep pretending to be a tourist even when I’ve become used to this city.

  3. tita buds says:

    Especially the 6th photo, with the pattern on the sand echoing the curve of the building. 🙂

  4. schwerman says:

    really well written Zoe. This is a great way of thinking. Am totally jealous of your surroundings. Wow.. beach!?? id kill to even see water from my house 😛 Am not so jealous of the old men wearing speedos by the beach though.. you can keep those in your country. HA!


  5. What a wonderful perspective! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Fiona.q says:

    finally you have some update, pal! 😉
    truly agree with you. this year, since i’ve some stomach issues, so i decrease the times i travel around. instead i started the journey to explore my own city and the result is there’s so much fun and new things i have not realized before. and i love my hometown more now, lol.

  7. Yes! Excellent idea! I have a few weeks of holidays left, and this is an excellent little project to keep me occupied in my little beach town.

  8. nikki Staadt says:

    I love the idea of changing perspective as a way of seeing ‘differently’ (as in the first few photos). I also like the notion of voyeurism which can catch an ordinary moment and turn it into a ‘caught’ moment. love mum x

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