Getting a little bit festive

It always amazes me how much effort people put into Christmas decorations – and I don’t mean the tinsel covered tree in the lounge room either.

I’m talking about the full-scale naivety scene on the front lawn complete with three kings and strategically placed ‘star’, Santa with his sleigh and reindeer on the roof (sometimes with head down the chimney), faux fur trees with fake snow (c’mon people, we’re in Australia here) and various other synchronised light features over the garage, front door and letterbox. Look a little closer and you’ll also find the family car has its own antlers as well. Yes, it’s Christmas festivities on steroids.

The funny thing is, it can happen anywhere and to anyone. From the beginning of December, you could be walking home from a hard days work to find your long time rugby loving, golf playing neighbour half way up a ladder with an armful of electric pulsing lights. You could be dropping into the local corner shop to pick up some milk and find the owner delicately crawling over the roof as he adjusts Rudolph’s red nose. Visit a friend and you could be greeted by a blow up snowman guarding their front door. The circumstances are as unexpected as they are (somewhat) alarming.

I think I witnessed the ultimate Christmas decoration extravaganza last year when I was driving through my neighbourhood on the way home from work. A family had done up their house as a full blown North Pole destination, complete with a projector screen in the front window that had family Christmas photos looping continuously.

Indeed, it can happen to anyone. Laugh about it now, but any one of you could find yourselves perusing the Christmas decoration isles in your local Dollar Dazzler shop, sparked by an uncontrollable urge to unleash your inner festive and creative spirit. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps it’s the child in all of us, but there’s something about coloured lights, sparklers and tinsel that makes even the toughest nuts to crack go all gooey inside.

Four sleeps to go…

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9 Responses to Getting a little bit festive

  1. Cakes McCain says:

    Awesome!!!! Like ‘casa Griswald!’ (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!) When your’re a kid, all this makes you so excited and happy… wonderful, those were the days.

    • I know…and to think I didn’t even have a tree this year (too busy – where has the year gone?). Still, it was nice driving around my hood snapping pics of other people’s creative efforts!

  2. I love Christmas lights… I don’t put them up because I do not have a front lawn and because I just don’t feel like it.
    So I just look at everyone else’s.
    And what is up with those reindeer in picture #4?

    Great post.

  3. wanderer says:

    Merry Chrissy Zoe. Thanks for the 50mm 1.8 – excellent recommendation. I’m thinking about Cam Cr 3, though at 10 weeks it is getting a bit x-ey.

    • Thanks John! Just got a 50mm lens myself – although have yet to use it (it’s a chrissy pressie). Thinking about Cam Cr 3 too although I’ll miss the first 2 classes as I’ll be OS. Still…I might see you there!

  4. SinghStyleStudio says:

    Cool Colourful Captures, Best Wishes…

  5. HenderBalz says:

    I too love things like Christmas decorations…and love that I take the time to really look! And I like that you took the time to photo it all…cool blog…great photos!

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