Sand between my toes

As the warm weather begins to leave us Antipodeans for the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to share with you some shots I took recently for my friend’s new business, Haanim. The word ‘hanim’ literally means ‘lady’ in Turkish, which is a fitting name considering the gorgeous range of jewellery and home wares that are on offer by the company’s two founding ladies, Burcak and Seran. The range is quintessentially Turkish and includes organic cotton Turkish towels and exquisite hand-made artisan rings and necklaces from Istanbul.

The chance to work on her look book was a fantastic opportunity of getting some beach inspired fashion shots under my belt (something I’d never done before!). We wanted the photography to be a fusion of modern Mediterranean Turkish style with a laidback Australian beach side feel. Despite some shoot day hiccups – like 5 hours of torrential rain and talent availability issues – I think we managed to get pretty close!

One of the things that always amazes me is how intense the light can be in Australia – especially when the clouds part to reveal the bright blue sky and the white-hot sun beating down in summer (thanks to the hole in the ozone layer!) Nevertheless, these conditions created the perfect backdrop for the show of crisp red, white and blue striped towels and the unique jewellery designs of Haanim. Check out for full details.

Enjoy x

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18 Responses to Sand between my toes

  1. tita buds says:

    Gorgeous shots! The products are showcased well. Now I want that ‘angel’s wings’ necklace. 🙂

  2. I don’t think the hiccups affected your shots at all. Beautiful and they definitely reflect your desired “feel” that you wanted to portray. Very nice items and I would live to know the maker of the men’s board shorts as well! Your post took me back to my two month visit to Australia and time that I spent at the beach in Sydney.

    • Thanks 🙂 I almost thought we wouldn’t get the shots, but then the clouds parted and we made it after all. Ha! Glad to hear you like the board shorts – completely incidental as it turned out! I think they’re Country Road and Deus Ex Machina (both Aussie brands I think). And yes – the beach is pretty much the place to be in summer in Sydney. That or the Harbour. Tough choice, but someone’s gotta do it right?!

  3. nikki Staadt says:

    With the recent cold snap, I am looking at these photos with nostalgia!
    PS do the models come with the merchandise?

  4. aboutthepout says:

    Love your blog. The photos are amazing! I have nominated you for a blog award

  5. amiramelody says:

    I love the jewelry and great shots!

  6. alina says:

    you have such a lovely blog here, i just love the pictures, what kind of camera did you used ? you applied any filtering software ? awesome work, keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks for that! I’m only using a Canon 500D at the moment, so nothing too fancy. I’ll upgrade once I save up some extra $. I used to use iphoto because that’s all I had, but I started using Adobe Lightroom when I visited Africa, so these shots have had some editing in post. Most of my Aussie shots haven’t been touched up though. I only edit if I feel I need to ramp up the impact (as still self learning about post photo manipulation).

  7. cattaildownblog says:

    Your blog is awesome! We’re doing something similar with our own, so keep the inspiration coming! Haha!

    Really though, incredible pictures!


    • Thanks! It’s been a while between posts (starting a post grad, having a baby and getting married has distracted me somewhat!) but I am planning on putting some new posts up over the coming months now everything has settled down a little. Good luck with your blog too! Cheers, Zoe

  8. bolleberlinsugar says:

    Really nice pictures…awesome….and a really nice blog 🙂 Greetings from Berlin, Germany 🙂

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