A world apart

Sitting here on a plane destined for South Africa, it’s hard to believe that in less than 24 hours time, I will be bumping along a dusty road towards the Thanda Private Game Reserve, over 3 hours drive from Duban in the heart of Zululand. There I will embark on a 4 week volunteer program focused on African wildlife photography, research and conservation. On top of that, I’ll have the opportunity of interacting with the children from the local schools and will help teach them about the flora and fauna of their environment. Am I dreaming?

It seems like only yesterday the GLG and I were packing our bags for South America, eager to hike in the Andes, climb a volcano, marvel at salt lakes and taste steak grilled to perfection. It seems like only yesterday that I bid a teary farewell to my traveling companion and headed for Spain where I enjoyed seafood paella, visited Gaudi’s cathederal, indulged in gelato and swam in the Med. And it was only yesterday that I was wandering Covent Garden, navigating the London tube and sipping English breakfast tea. I have neither a grasp on time or place now.  I am somewhere over northern Africa and heading south once more.

I am not entirely sure when I’ll have a chance to upload this post, but I hope it’s soon. I believe we only have internet access once a week when we go to the nearby town of St Lucia, so it mightn’t be as often. Not to worry, I will be writing my blog entries on my laptop at the camp, so hope to keep you all up to date with tales of my (mis)adventures and photos of the wildlife (lions, rhino, giraffes etc). Can’t wait…!

In the meantime, here are some miscellaneous pics I’ve taken from around the world that I thought you might enjoy…xx

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8 Responses to A world apart

  1. SJ says:

    Hello beautiful lady

    It was sooooooooooooooo lovely having to come to stay even if it was only for 2 nights (well 1 and a half ;o)))) I am thinking of you and wishing you a really wonderful trip in SA.

    Biggest hugs

    SJ xx

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      Thanks SJ! Thanks also for having me stay, even if I did turn up at your doorstep at 2am in the morning 🙂 I had a fantastic time – but way too short a visit! Keep in touch xx

  2. nikki Staadt says:

    Can hardly wait for the Africa adventure to begin! Looking forward to seeing all your photos at length when you get home. Have just seen Tim and heard more about your Sth American time together and great detail about the lead up to the proposal… gotta love that boy, he is definitely a keeper. love you, mum xx

  3. Caroline Sanderson says:

    never disaapointed with the blog! loving it – and the african adventure begins with another anticipated array of photos that I can hardly believe u personallyh took!! what an experience for you Zoe! xx

  4. That is so-called nutural. I like those pictures.

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