May my first pet Toffee, a three-legged guinea pig (who ran away no less), not hold this meal against me.

With memories still raw after all these years, it took me a while to gather the courage to try this local delicacy. I mean, it doesn´t have a lot of taste appeal going for it, does it. Nevertheless, when in Rome…

I actually find it hard to explain the taste. Not unlike chicken, yet similar to rabbit or pheasant, it has a slightly gamey flavour. Apart from the front and back legs, there’s not much to it really. Hmm…don’t think I’ll be ordering this hairy little rodent again anytime soon.

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4 Responses to R.I.P.

  1. nikki staadt says:

    oh my, the culinary delights of traveling! Tom paid to upgrade me to Business class Sydney to Chicago (arr yest) and what a treat. Flat bed to sleep, big personal screen for movies and the food… restaurant quality, even glass of port served with cheese at the end! Economy is going to be a serious let down after this.
    Bo, am curious about drinking water since you’ve been there … boiled or bottled or…? Love the idea of being adventurous with food- any insects on the menu yet? love mum

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      No insects as yet! We´re in Bolivia at the moment and the food choices aren´t quite as exotic as that hahaha! Believe it or not, every second restaurant is a pizza joint!

  2. That’s HORRIBLE!!!!! :0

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