Round the world and Down Under again

Oh Sydney, you big show-off. I travel round the world via 7 countries, 3 continents and countless photos later to find you basking in the sunshine and frolicking in the waves without a care in the world.

Oh yeah, sure you have the odd bad hair day, but anyone who thinks 18C in winter is cold and that forgetting your bus ticket on the way to work in the morning is the worst thing that can happen to you, is kidding themselves. Yes, I can see you fluffing out your peacock feathers as we speak. And why not? When you’re not hosting a party, putting on a parade or lighting up the harbour with a multi-million dollar firework display, you’re usually strutting about, enjoying a coffee or at the beach surfing. Hmm…life’s tough when you’re having fun.

And today is no exception. It’s the first day of Spring and you’re looking your usual fabulous self. Sure there’s a few clouds about, but nothing worth crying over. So sit back and enjoy yourself with a couple of beachside photos to celebrate the new season.

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15 Responses to Round the world and Down Under again

  1. Fiona.q says:

    i love your 1st pic a lot!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your second-to-last photo, of the stairs and the sunset peeking through the tree. What a lovely image! And I like the feeling of your first photo, too. Enjoy seeing your pictures!


    • zoemarsh001 says:

      Thanks Shari! I haven’t done much night photography (except for a luna eclipse in South Africa and that was v v tricky!). Going to keep experimenting and see how it goes 🙂

  3. Its official, I want your life. Travelling and taking amazing photos, what a dream 🙂

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      Unfortunately that life is all too fleeting! I wish I could say that’s what I do full-time, but alas that dream is still a dream (for now at least!). Thanks for reading!

  4. Zoe, my god I love your photos and stories. You sure do have an amazing tallent. I hope youare well and loving life.

  5. There is something so chill and beautiful about Australia, huh? 🙂 Great pix!

  6. Digs Pascoe says:

    Hey – Bobo on the run – Zoe! Africa misses you! Busi baked bread for you….
    Can we use your write up of Thonga village from this blog to put on the Space for Elephants Foundation website? Alsoool, can you pleae put the Space for Elephants Foundation website – on your blog about Thonga vill as it is a SEF community development project. Pleeeese can we use your fotos of our Thonga village team – want to make an album for them. Thanks sooo much. Digs

    • Hi Digs!! I miss you guys too! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes – absolutely you can use my write up of Thonga Village for the Space for Elephants Foundation website (please change the spelling of Tonga to Thonga!) I’d be chuffed 🙂 I’ll update the post on my blog with the web address too (happy to support any way I can). I’ll email you the photos I took when I was there. Hope all’s well with you!

  7. 3rd post I am reading on your blog, and am getting hooked! Love your writing AND you images!

  8. LOVE your pictures! May I ask if the first shot was HDR?

  9. nikki Staadt says:

    What a treat, just discovered a blog i’d missed whilst i was traveling overseas!
    going to sydney tomorrow for a few days and seeing these photos has excited me… who cares if its raining. I will try to look for the unexpected… might even take photos!
    love mum x

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