Nurse Bobo

I’ll let you in on a secret – I earnt my nurse stripes while in La Paz. I’m officially ‘emergency ready’. Here’s the story…

Reluctantly and out of necessity, I was called on to administer painkillers into the toned right buttock of my faithful GLG (German Love God). Yes, I hear you saying, sounds like fun. Truthfully, I was petrified.

It seems that all the soft hostal beds, bumpy bus rides and an increasingly heavy backpack weren’t doing any favours for Tim’s back. As a result, an old injury flared up and he got an inflamed nerve in his lower back, causing all sorts of pain and discomfort. By a complete stroke of luck, the owner of our hostal was a retired psychiatrist who not only gave Tim a free medical consultation, but set up an emergency specialist doctor appointment with a local neurologist. Armed with a bag full of heavy painkillers and fresh needles, the doctor (who we are forever grateful) drove us to the local hospital where I was given a 5 second crash course in how to inject a vile of voltaren into Tim’s lovely butt cheek.

Despite being scared silly that I would inject him with an air bubble or accidentally hit a vein (all very possible), I have since delivered 5 successful injections without incident. You’ll be please to know that his back is healing nicely and we’ve celebrated with a 3-day 4WD jeep tour of the Salar de Uyuni desert on an unpaved bumpy road. Details to follow.

Next up I’ll learn how to do the Heimlich Maneuver (or perhaps a triple bypass) seeing I’m on a roll…anyone?

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