One perfect day

It’s funny how a day can start like any other: cold shower, soggy sandwich and a ferry to some distant island named after the sun. Hmmm…okay, so it didn’t start like most days, but it certainly didn’t have ‘watch out I’m going to rock your socks’ written all over it either. I mean, it’s not like I woke up to a foot massage and a pina colada. So there we were, random sandwich in hand and Goretex jacket pulled up tight against the wind as we took the rickerty ferry 2hrs across the azure waters of Lake Titicaca to Isla del Sol.

One of the things you need to wrap your head around when you visit Lake Titicaca is just how bloody huge it is. There are sections of this lake that belong to different countries, for goddsakes. Anyway, once you come to terms with the fact you can’t see the other side, you can enjoy it for all that it is: damn right beautiful. It reminds me of the Greek Islands, only beside the Alps. There´s light dancing across the water, small wooden boats bobbing beside jetties, a vast blue sky and brilliant sunshine beating down on a barren desert landscape. In the distance you can see the jaggered snow-capped peaks of the Andes rising up from the horizon. This is not a place to be missed if you’re traveling this circuit, that’s for sure.

The GLG and I got dropped off on the northern side of the island so that we could do the 4 hour hike down through the center of the island to the quaint little village of Yumani on the sourthern tip. There we would spend the night. We took off immediately, wandering up through farms where locals were harvesting their potato fields. Once we cleared the trees, the landscape quickly changed – the red desert soil and low lying scrub a dramatic contrast to the blue lake below.

After a little midday sleep under some eucalyt trees, we set off again. It was mid-afternoon when we neared the gates to the village of Yumani. There we discovered a very lovely eco lodge surounded by a gorgeous garden and perched on the top of a cliff overlooking the lake. Deciding that this would indeed be the best place to enjoy a few drinks at sunset and view the stellar night sky, we booked ourselves in for the night. After wandering around the quaint little village of Yumani for a few hours, we finally settled back in cane rocking chairs (how very nanna chic) to watch the sun go down with a cold beer and pizza. Little did I know that the GLG had a surprise up his sleeve – a proposal no less! It was exactly 6 years to the day that we´d first met. There in the garden, surrounded by cactus, flowers, bees and a setting sun, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

And I said YES!

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11 Responses to One perfect day

  1. Marcelo says:

    Yeah GLG congrats to you both. Good to hear that you didnt get the shits mate 🙂 lets hope the world does not have to wait another 6 years for the next step….

  2. Caroline Sanderson says:

    love Marcelo’s remark above! Zoe I am flying to Melbourne on Sat – by first flight in 27 years – in preparation to my London visit in July – you inspire me! xx Congrats to you both. xx

    ps you are a born writer!

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      Well done Caroline! I’m impressed! Good to see that you’re starting off with a practise run to Melbourne. After this you’ll be a pro 😉 Thanks for reading too! xx

  3. nikki staadt says:

    Bo, glad your boots havent given you any trouble; you’ve doing a lot more climbing than i had imagined. Reading your blog i feel like i’m having the fun too, minus blisters and exhaustion! our love to “the engaged couple” xx mum

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      My boots are fine – thank god! In fact, I haven’t had a single blister (touch wood). I’ve been living in them as they’re too big to pack in my backpack!! Hope alls well and good luck for your NYC appointment. xx

  4. Lisa Thornton says:

    Congratulations guys! What fabulous news!

  5. zuffa says:

    Wow! So many questions! Where do I start? Bobo? Engaged? Sth Am? On the run? Guess I,ve lost touch these past few yrs….. Glad all is well tho zoestar and give me the low down one day .. would love to hear what u,ve been up to

  6. Elisabeth und Gerd Stetskamp aus Deutschland says:

    Dear Zoe, dear Tim,
    “And I have said yes!” Also, we say yes ……. and we are delighted it will be determined for you and for us a wonderful future ….
    Best wishes!
    Elizabeth and Gerd

    • zoemarsh001 says:

      Thank you guys, this means so much to Tim and I. Can’t wait to celebrate with you both when we’re next in Germany! (It’ll probably have to be over Skype in the meantime though 🙂 Big hugs to you both from us. xxx

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